Clear snow from storm drains to AVOID FLOODING with upcoming rainfall later this week

Clear Storm drains

The Athens County area is expecting rain later this week. To avoid flooding in the streets please take the time to clear the snow from storm drains. A little time now may save you a big problem later this week!

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Take time know to prepare for floods – GET A KIT, MAKE A PLAN, BE INFORMED, GET INVOLVED!


Know what to do…

Before a Flood

  • Check with your local floodplain administrator to determine if you live in a flood-prone area. Lists of floodplain administrators are maintained by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources at:
  • Consider purchasing flood insurance. Flood insurance is available through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in any Ohio community that participates in the program.
  • Ensure that your home emergency plan includes an evacuation route, in case you must leave your home in a hurry. Practice your plan.
  • Learn more about flood safety, your flood risks, and flood insurance at:

During a Flood

  • If indoors, listen to a NOAA Weather Radio or local news station for the latest emergency information. If your area is advised to evacuate, do so immediately.
  • If outdoors, climb to higher ground and stay there. Avoid walking or driving through any floodwater.
  • Turn Around. Don’t Drown. Never drive through a flooded roadway. More than 70% of flood deaths occur when people purposely enter flood water. Do not attempt to cross flood water on foot or allow children to play in/near floodwaters.

During a Flood

  • Listen to local alerts and warning systems for emergency information.
  • Emergency workers are responding. Return home when authorities indicate it is safe.

Know the Terms

Flood: A condition that occurs when water overflows the natural or artificial confines of a stream or body of water, or accumulates by drainage or low-lying areas.

General River Flooding: A condition that follows heavy rain, snow melt or a combination. River flooding typically occurs slowly, allowing more time to take protective measures. Extreme flash flooding or a break up of an ice jam can produce more rapid river rises.

Urban and Small Stream Floods: Flooding occurs when heavy rain falls, resulting in flooding streets, underpasses or drainage ditches in urban areas, and creeks in rural areas. This flooding is dangerous if motorists drive through a flooded roadway or if children play near a storm drain or drainage ditch.

Flash Floods: Rapid and life-threatening floods resulting from heavy rains that occur in a short period of time.

Flood Watch: A flood watch is issued for the potential of rapid flooding. A flood watch may also be issues when the onset of flooding is much slower, usually greater than six hours.

Flash Flood Warning: A flash flood warning signifies a short duration of intense or rapid flooding of counties, communities, streams, or urban areas.

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Athens Co snow emergency canceled, drive carefully some hazardous conditions may still exist in remote areas of county


The snow emergency for Athens County has been canceled.  Please drive carefully some hazardous road conditions may still exist in remote areas of the county.

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Severe Weather Awareness Week March 1-7, 2015, Ohioans Are Encouraged to Prepare for Tornadoes, Floods and Thunderstorms

NSWPW 2015

The most common types of natural hazards affecting Ohio are floods, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and severe winter storms. Even large windstorms have been known to cause tremendous damage in Ohio, like the Derecho wind event on June 29, 2012. To assist in public awareness and to aid in the reduction of the impact severe weather can inflict on lives and property throughout Ohio, the Athens County Emergency Management Agency participates in statewide “Safety Awareness Weeks” during the spring and winter seasons.

“The ever changing weather of Southeast Ohio has demonstrated that we need to be prepared for all severe weather all the time,” said Fred Davis, Athens County Emergency Management Agency director. “The best defense when faced with floods or tornadoes or any severe weather event is preparedness: Be aware of current weather conditions. Have a disaster plan. Practice your plan. Make a supply kit. Stay informed.”

Governor John Kasich has proclaimed March 1-7 as Spring Severe Weather Awareness Week for Ohio. As part of a coordinated effort with the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness, Athens County will participate in a statewide tornado drill and test its Emergency Alert System on Wednesday, March 4th at 9:50 a.m. During this time, Ohio counties will sound their outdoor warning sirens. Schools, businesses and households are encouraged to practice their tornado drills and emergency plans.

For additional information on tornado safety and severe weather preparedness, visit

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Join In The Statewide Tornado Drill, Wednesday, March 4 at 9:50 AM

Statewide Tornado Drill

March 1-7 is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Ohio. Athens County Emergency Management Agency urges you to exercise your tornado safety plan during the Statewide Tornado Drill at 9:50 a.m. Wednesday, March 4th. Designing and exercising a tornado safety plan for your establishment and home will help you respond appropriately in a real event.

Here’s how to participate in the 2015 Tornado Drill:

  • Listen for the outdoor sirens or other warning system at 9:50 a.m. on Wednesday, March 4th.
  • Practice your safety plan — go to your designated tornado shelter.

Get Informed

Make a Plan

  •  Know a safe place to shelter during tornadoes at work, home and school.
  • Keep extra emergency supplies on hand (battery-operated radio, food, water, medication).
  • Go online to Ready.Gov to learn how to make an emergency plan.

Get Involved

  •  Exercise your tornado plan on Wednesday, March 4th at 9:50 a.m. during the statewide drill.
  • If you can’t drill on March 4th, choose another date in March or April.
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No Open Burning during March, April and May from 6 AM to 6 PM, learn about Ohio open burning laws!


Each year, there are more than 1,000 wildfires in the state of Ohio. Wildfires in Ohio threaten and cause damage to homes, private property, trees and landscapes. More importantly, lives are placed at risk. Most of these fires are preventable. Most of Ohio’s wildfires are the result of arson and careless open-burning (burning of trash, debris and brush). Ohio Law prohibits Open-Burning in the spring and fall.

Open-burning is particularly dangerous in the spring and fall, when the leaves are on the ground, the grass is not green and the weather is warm, dry and windy. As a result, open burning in Ohio is prohibited in unincorporated areas in March, April, May, October, and November, 6 am to 6 pm.

You should always call your local fire department for information about local burning regulations.

Ohio EPA notification is required for many types of open burning in Ohio. Call 614-644-2270 with questions on rules and to find your local EPA office.

EPA Open Burning Basics for Homeowners

Materials NEVER to be burned at any time or any place in Ohio:

  • Food Waste
  • Dead Animals
  • Materials containing rubber, grease, asphalt, or made from petroleum


  • Fires must be more than 1000 feet from neighbor’s inhabited building
  • No burning when air pollution alert, warning, or emergency is in effect
  • Fire/smoke cannot obscure visibility on roadway, railways, or airfields
  • No waste generated off the premises may be burned
  • No burning within village or city limits or restricted areas

Ohio Open Burning Laws

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Athens County to start dialing the area code plus phone number for all calls starting 3/21/15, make your changes now!

740 220 Area Code

Everyone in the 740 area code, which includes more than 30 counties in central and southeastern Ohio, will have to start dialing the area code + phone number for all calls starting March 21, 2015. Callers have been able to use 10 digit or 7 digit telephone numbers since September 2014.

Why is this change necessary? The North American Numbering Plan Administrator, which distributes area codes across the United States, informed PUCO that the 740 area code would run out by mid-2015.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio worked out an overlay area code of 220 to address the problem. Everyone must dial 10 digits for local calls but only new customers would be assigned the new area code, 220.

In addition to dialing the area code + phone number for all calls, you should also complete the following items:

  • Update any preprogrammed 7-digit phone numbers in your mobile device to include the area code, as well as any text or email alert services.
  • Reprogram all services and devices that utilize a 7-digit phone number to include the area code, including automatic dialing equipment. Other examples include:
    • Life safety systems
    • Fire or burglar alarm and security system
    • Security gates
    • Speed dialers
    • Call forwarding settings
    • Fax machines
    • Internet dial-up numbers
    • Voice mail services and similar functions

The following items won’t change:

  • Your phone number, including current area code.
  • The price of a call, coverage area or other rates and services.
  • Calls that are considered local now will remain a local call, regardless of the number of digits dialed.
  • 9-1-1 calls are not affected. Only three digits are required.
  • If 211, 311, 411, 511, 611, 711 or 811 are currently available in your community, you’ll still be able to call them by dialing just three digits.
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Athens County Crime Solvers Anonymous, March 2015 Crimes of the Month

AC crime solvers

The following incidents have been listed by Athens County Crime Solvers Anonymous as March 2015 Crimes of the Month.

The Athens Police Department is requesting your information pertaining to a couple criminal acts which occurred within the City of Athens.

Based on the criminal act, date and time, along with the description of the suspects, these two separate incidents appear to be related. They occurred during Sibs Weekend.

The first incident occurred on February 7th, 2015 at approximately 11:45 PM. The victim was walking on Stewart St. and noticed a group of four black males who appeared to be physically harassing a male and a female. The victim interjected and was subsequently assaulted by the black males. As a result of the assault, the victim sustained substantial injuries to his face which required surgery to properly treat.

The second incident occurred on February 8th, 2015 at approximately 2:00 AM, two hours after the first incident. During this incident, the victim was walking on College St at E. Washington St when words were exchanged with occupants of a red sedan. The vehicle pulled over and four black males exited it. Once outside the vehicle, the four black males assaulted the victim. Again, the victim sustained substantial injuries to his face which required surgery to properly treat.

The Nelsonville Police Department is requesting your information pertaining to a criminal act which occurred within the City of Nelsonville.

The incident occurred between December 13th and December 15th, 2014. During this time frame, unknown person(s) forcibly entered the business, Runyon Lumber, located at 555 Burr Oak Blvd. The person(s) stole a 2011 GMC utility truck from the business which had a large amount of tools, tires, and lubricants inside it. The utility truck was recovered in Nelsonville a couple days later but all of the contents had been removed.

The Athens and Ohio University Police Departments are requesting your information pertaining to several similar criminal acts which have occurred within the City of Athens and the Ohio University Campus.

Between the following dates, January 13th to January 26th, there have been three similar criminal acts involving a male subject following, and on occasion, inappropriately touching, the female victim. The first incident occurred on S. Green Dr, the second on E. Union St (Jeff Hill), and the last reported incident on Byard St. Each description provided has the male subject as Caucasian, average to athletic build, college-age, but the height has ranged from 5’08 to 6’00. Residents are asked to be vigilant and report any suspicious acting individuals to police.

Athens County Crime Solvers Anonymous is offering a $2,000.00 cash reward for information on the above crimes if that information leads to the arrest and/or indictment of the person or persons responsible. *Information on serious misdemeanors will be limited to a $1000.00 cash reward. **Any information that leads to the arrest of an individual responsible for graffiti, the board can authorize up to a $500.00 cash reward. If you have information on these crimes, please call (740) 594 – 3331.

Other cash rewards are available for your information regarding other crimes that have been committed in Athens County and if you have knowledge of other crimes, you are asked to call (740) 594 – 3331. Also visit our website at for information on previous crimes of the month.

Remember! Crime Solvers Anonymous needs your information and not your name so that your information can be passed onto the proper authorities.

Help us to help Athens County become a safer place.

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Sign-up for ALERT ATHENS COUNTY and be ready for the next EMERGENCY in Athens County!

Alert Athens Co

During the last snow emergency did you wonder why your friends and family found out about it before you did? The answer is that they are registered for Alert Athens County. Alert Athens County is the free county-wide mass notification system used by the Athens County Emergency Management Agency to notify people of emergency and non-emergency events around Athens County.

Alert Athens County can deliver messages to you any way you want—on your home phone, cell phone, email, and more. This way, we can reach you in any emergency. We may also use the system in non-emergency situations to let you know about important County-related events, such as meetings, parade closures, or street closures.

Alert Athens County has expanded the options you have in receiving emergency information. Mobile Member, Smartphone App – download the FREE “Everbridge Mobile Member” App to receive push messages directly to your smartphone.

The success of this service relies on YOU. Registering is easy and only takes a few minutes, just go to and click on the “Alert Athens County link to setup your personal account and register to receive different emergency and non-emergency alerts.

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Athens Co Rd 65, Deep Hollow Rd CLOSED for 1/4 mile S of Sand Rock Rd, Mon, 2/23, at 12 noon, for 3 wks, avoid this area

Athens Co Road Closed

The Athens County Engineer’s Office will be closing County Road 65, Deep Hollow Road for 1/4 of a mile South of Township Road150, Sand Rock Road in Carthage Township today, Tuesday, February 24th, at 12 noon, for approximately 3 weeks for a road slip project. Please avoid this area.

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