Athens County Crime Solvers Anonymous, October 2015 Crimes of the Month

AC crime solvers

The following incidents have been listed by Athens County Crime Solvers Anonymous as October 2015 Crimes of the Month.

The Athens Police Department is requesting your information pertaining to a series of criminal acts which have occurred within the City of Athens.

The first incident pertains to a breaking and entering which occurred on July 22nd, 2015 at approximately 3:40 AM. The perpetrator forcibly entered Courtside Pizza located at 85 N. Court St. Once inside the business, the perpetrator stole money from a variety of locations. The perpetrator is described as a white male in his early to mid-twenties, approximately 6’00” tall, weighing 160#, and wearing dark clothing and a ball cap. (Picture provided)

The next incident also pertains to a breaking and entering which occurred between 11:00 AM on August 1st to 7:30 AM on August 3rd, 2015. Between these dates and times, the perpetrator(s) forcibly entered TSI Housing located at 36 S. Court St. Once inside the business, the perpetrator(s) rummaged through offices and storage areas looking for valuables. The perpetrator(s) were able to get away with money and two laptops.

The final incident pertains to a robbery which occurred between 2:30 AM and 3:30 AM on September 15th, 2015. The victim explained they were walking on University Terrace near Memorial Auditorium when they were approached by several black males. One of the black males physically assaulted the victim, causing valuables to fall to the ground. Upon bending over to retrieve the items, the black male again assaulted the victim, and one of the other black males stole the valuables. All of the black males then fled the area.

Athens County Crime Solvers Anonymous is offering a $2,000.00 cash reward for information on the above crimes if that information leads to the arrest and/or indictment of the person or persons responsible. *Information on serious misdemeanors will be limited to a $1000.00 cash reward. **Any information that leads to the arrest of an individual responsible for graffiti, the board can authorize up to a $500.00 cash reward. If you have information on these crimes, please call (740) 594 – 3331.

Other cash rewards are available for your information regarding other crimes that have been committed in Athens County and if you have knowledge of other crimes, you are asked to call (740) 594 – 3331. Also visit our website at for information on previous crimes of the month.

Remember! Crime Solvers Anonymous needs your information and not your name so that your information can be passed onto the proper authorities.

Help us to help Athens County become a safer place.

Courtside Pizza suspect (2)Courtside Pizza suspect

About Athens County Emergency Management Agency

Emergency Management Agency is the central point of coordination within the county for response and recovery to disasters. The primary focus of the agency when not in a response or recovery mode is to ensure that the county and citizens residing in it, are prepared to respond to an emergency or disaster and to lead mitigation efforts against the effects of future disasters.
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