What is Shatter Weed?


shatter weed

Shatter weed is a form of marijuana concentrate that’s rapidly growing in popularity. It has been referred to as “the crack of cannabis,” and while this isn’t necessarily accurate, it certainly reflects how popular this new method of smoking marijuana has become.

Like many other forms of cannabis extract, shatter weed (also known as budder or honey oil) is a butane hash oil (BHO) product created through a solvent-based extraction process. Using butane, the solvent pulls out THC-rich plant material that eventually results in the hard, translucent, and glass-like consistency of shatter.

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Because shatter is so potent, it can provide a very fast-acting and intense high. This makes it a popular choice amongst recreational users looking for something stronger than the average flower. In fact, it can contain as much as 80% THC, making it one of the most potent marijuana products available on the market.

While it can be eaten, most ingest shatter by dabbing it onto a heated surface and inhaling the vapor. The heat activates the cannabinoids and terpenes in the shatter, allowing them to enter the user’s system and produce desired effects. Dabbing requires specialized equipment, however, and can be very dangerous for people with certain medical conditions.

In addition to being smoked on its own, shatter can also be used as an additive to regular marijuana flower. When mixed in small amounts, shatter can enhance a joint or bowl by adding flavor and extra potency. It can also be added to edibles in order to infuse them with THC.