A Must See Spot In The Map Of The Carolinas


A Must See Spot In The Map Of The Carolinas

The owner of the 4×4 shop Charlotte click here in Greensboro, North Carolina is certainly thrilled with the business he has managed to acquire. This shop, which sells four wheelers and all related accessories has been opened just recently and is already a huge hit among the locals and visitors. “The response we have gotten since the store opened has been overwhelming,” says Mr. James Gennaro. “We have people lining up for hours waiting to get their machines” he added. The store boasts of offering quality customer service, competitive pricing and an ever ready supply of parts and vehicles.


For a business as newly established as the one in Greensboro, NC, it would be very difficult to find the time to manage everything, but thanks to the owners and staff of the 4×4 shop Charlotte they can now devote their energies to marketing and sales. “We have spent the past few months hard at it, even during the holiday season,” continued Mr. Gennaro. “We have a dedicated staff that handles all customer calls and enquiries round the clock. The great thing about this is that we are now able to serve not only our local community but also the wider region encompassing North and South Carolina.”


Mr. Gennaro further explained that he expects his business to expand since this is a fairly new concept in the road wheels market. “It has a unique selling point in that it caters not only to a specific community but to any type of vehicle irrespective of size, engine or age.” Moreover, he says, “The sales and after sales service offered by this Company is second to none”. A visit to the 4×4 shop Charlotte is certainly worth every minute and this is a definite must see spot in the map of the Carolinas!

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