Alert Athens County Mobile Application by Everbridge

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Are you on the move but still want to know what is going on around Athens County? Then sign up for ALERT ATHENS COUNTY by Everbridge App. Download the FREE Everbridge Mobile Member application and add a rich new dimension to alerts that you receive on your smartphone and mobile devices. Receive messages and push notifications on your mobile devices, submit additional information by sharing geo-location information, pictures, and free-form text – putting your eyes and ears on the scene as a situation develops. You can also use the mobile application to share the alert information with your friends and family over your personal networks.

*** NOTE – You must sign up for a standard account for the mobile application to operate on a mobile device.

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The Everbrideg Mobile Member application supports both Apple® iOS and Android™ users, just go to the app store or play store and search for “Everbridge Mobile Member”. Remember the application is FREE!!


2 Responses to Alert Athens County Mobile Application by Everbridge

  1. Ina Putnam says:

    i downloaded it to the phone but it won’t let me sign up. it goes to a log in screen-how do i sign up

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