Best Animes Ranked


best animes ranked

There’s never been a better time to be an anime fan, with a seemingly endless supply of titles available at the push of a button. But with so many choices comes a challenge: How do you know which ones are worth your while? Fortunately, there are plenty of lists of best animes out there to help you narrow down the list. URL

Code Geass: Every anime fan knows that this neo-noir sci-fi masterpiece is a must-watch, and with good reason. From its intense fight scenes to its captivating storyline, this is one series that really has it all. But it’s the show’s surprising ending that sets it apart from any other anime and truly cements its status as a legend.

Cowboy Bebop: A lot of people complain that this ’90s classic is put on a pedestal, but it’s hard to deny the impact that this show had on the medium. Its mix of action, powers, and philosophical themes make it a front-seat ticket to the human experience. It also has some of the most quotable dialogue in the industry and is a real gem to behold.

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Sailor Moon: A legendary and iconic show that arguably revolutionised the way that Western audiences saw Japanese animation. Usagi Tsukino is the anti-Disney princess of the anime world, a powerful and determined young woman with unwavering hope who fights against the evil forces of darkness.

Your Name: This beautiful and poignant slice-of-life is the work of Makoto Shinkai, a director who has become a bona fide generational talent in the industry. It follows a high school girl who swaps bodies with her gorgeous and popular classmate. The resulting bond is both touching and uplifting, with the show’s sexy soundtrack a major bonus.

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