Car Dent Repair Made Easy


I recently had a small dent on the hood of my car and was told that I should go to Auto Repair near me to have a car dent repair near me. I honestly thought that I should take my chances with a local auto shop but going into a generic auto parts warehouse could take up to 2 days to get the car fixed. I did some research and found that this happens more often than people would like to think. Average dent repair time is 1 hour, not days or hours like most auto body shops. Smartest Auto Repair shops specialize in minimally invasive non-invasive repair technologies (MILD) such as MIRS.

Car Dent Repair Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It

Since it is “healthier” for the vehicle, MIRS is the #1 option for minor cosmetic damage because it is “lighter.” Therefore, less time is spent during the process. In fact, if there is hail damage, it only takes about an hour with MIRS and about two hours without. This is also a plus on top of the savings, if you are going to choose paintless car dent repair over traditional methods. Traditional painters car dent repair methods can actually do more harm than good when it comes to minor dents because they use an acid wash that can strip the paint off quickly.

I was able to find a company in my area that specializes in car dent repair with this new technology. They were able to perform the job in half the time while saving me a lot of money. I now have a newer looking car with no paint scratches, chips, or cracks. Because of this, I feel better about myself and my ability to repair my own cars. Not only is car dent repair safer cheaper and faster, but it doesn’t require the services of a professional. Keep these things in mind the next time you have an accident or small damage like this.

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