Car Wrapping Cost Factors


Car Wrapping Cost

How Much Does it Cost to Wrap Your Car in a Car Wrapping Company? As have stated above, there certainly is no shortage of options concerning wrapping your car with a film. There are both pros and cons to each wrapping solution, with each costing varying amounts. Here we look at the pros and cons of car wrapping, and then look at a few cost factors that will affect how much it costs you.


There is a major disadvantage to using any type of polish on your car, especially when it comes to wrapping. Polish is a penetrating agent and can scratch your paint job, even after you have had the film applied. The best way to avoid this is to leave the polish off. When choosing a car wrapping cost, consider whether or not you have the extra cash to buy a complete finish.


The final factor, in terms of car wrapping cost, is the type of finish you choose. Some vehicle wraps include a high gloss, some a mid gloss, some a matte finish, and some will even provide you with a Custom Finish. The highest gloss will provide you with a mirror-like reflective shine, while a matte finish provides you with a rustic, wet look, perfect for country bumpers and old world vehicles. If you want Custom finished vehicle wraps, the costs will be higher, but it will also provide you with a one of a kind look, which is rare these days.

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