Checklist For Ant Prevention


Many pest control businesses have released their own versions of the Empire Pest Control’s checklist for ant prevention. There are a few things that most pest control companies do on a regular basis and one of them is to use baits. These baits are designed to catch pests out at night or when no one is at home. You might see bait trucks going around neighborhoods and they will usually set it off every time a person steps in the yard, especially after dark, when everyone is gone and doors are closed.

Checklist For Ant Prevention

One other common thing is for homeowners to leave food crumbs or cookies lying around in the house and this attracts ants. If you leave your oven and stove out and not use them for awhile you’ll also attract ants. The main thing is if you are at home, check things frequently so you know what is happening around your home. You don’t want to let things build up and then have to call an expert in, like the EMTs, or even worse have a dangerous gas leak in your home and risk getting toxic chemicals into your home, which is something that could easily kill you.

You can also prevent ants from getting into your home by using caulk around all cracks and crevices in your home and on your roof. Don’t forget to check under sinks and in basements, toilets, garages, and anywhere that you have a wet floor. This is a great way to get rid of termites and their larvae. If you have a leaky pipe in your home, find the exact area of the leak and patch it, this way the ant colony won’t know where they’re going next. Prevention is the key to keeping your home free of pests.

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