Custom Land Rover Defender 2020


Custom land rover defender 2020 doesn’t make a lot of cars these days, so it has to lean on a cult following to sell them. The Defender nameplate is a stalwart of that cult, which is why it was reborn as a unibody SUV that’s still seriously off-road capable.

What does HSE mean on Range Rover?

The 2020 Land Rover Defender has some of the most advanced tech you’ll find in a vehicle. It includes a surround-view camera that renders a 3D view of the area you’re driving in, along with ClearSight Ground View technology to improve your visibility and a Privi Pro system that was inspired by smartphones to deliver information from your phone to the car.

It’s also got some impressive safety systems, such as lane-keeping assist and adaptive cruise control that apply the brakes gently when necessary. And like most JLR products, the Defender gets OTA updates to add or improve these technologies over time.

There’s a wide variety of options to choose from, including the X model that wraps everything up in one package for $136,736. The SE starts at $63,275, followed by the HSE at $69,375, and the First Edition at $69,675.

Adding a few things to your Defender is easy with the Explorer Pack for $4,286, which adds front + rear mud flaps, a spare wheel cover, raised air intake, matte black hood decal, side-mounted gear carrier, wheel arch protection, and a roof rack. A few more off-road upgrades are available, such as the fender flare kit and snorkel.

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