How to Choose the Best iPhone Cases


iphone cases

Having the right case makes your iPhone more resilient to accidental damage and also helps you keep a trade-in value when you decide to upgrade in the future. You’ll need to consider a few things though, such as the amount of protection you need and how much weight and size a case adds to your phone.

Toughness: A tough iphone cases can come in a variety of styles depending on your needs, but they’ll usually offer an extra-strong reinforced shell that covers the front and back of your device. They’re great for those who need their phones to withstand some rough handling, whether it’s in the construction industry or if you use your phone for outdoorsy activities like hiking.

Style: When it comes to style, it’s important to choose a case that matches your personal aesthetic. Some people love the classic appeal of waxed calf leather, while others prefer high-chroma recycled plastics that don’t add any bulk to their phones.

Best iPhone Cases for Protection and Style

Eco-friendly: It’s becoming increasingly popular to find cases that are made from materials that won’t harm the planet in any way. A few options, such as Pela and CASETiFY, are made from bioengineered plant based materials that are fully compostable.

Luxury: Mujjo’s Full Leather Case is a luxurious way to give your phone an upgrade, with vegetable tanned, full-grain leather that ages beautifully over time. It’s available in three basic colors (tan, blue, and black), and it’s enhanced with aniline oil treatment to add vibrance.

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