Link Building – What is it and How Do You Do It?


Link Building

Link Building is the process of securing links from other websites that will bring (referral) traffic to your website. It is a critical part of Search Engine Optimization, and when done correctly will result in higher search engine rankings. The process of getting these links should be natural, and not look like you’re “begging” for them (this is known as black-hat SEO, and can actually hurt your site’s ranking). Go here

One of the key aspects of a good Link Building strategy is finding out what your competitors are doing to rank highly. This will give you ideas on what tactics to use, what not to do (e.g. spammy websites or links from irrelevant sites) and help you to avoid getting a manual penalty from Google (it’s not fun!).

The main goal is to get links from relevant sites, that will provide a direct benefit to your audience. This may include resource pages, social media mentions or articles on reputable news sites. It may also involve creating and promoting content to attract links.

Link Building in Competitive Niches: Tactics to Outshine Your Competitors

This could include content on your own blog, guest blogging on other sites or using content curation platforms like Quuu. It should also be useful and informative for your audience, which will make it more likely that others will share it or link to it. Another important consideration is how the link is placed on the page – buried links in footers or sidebars aren’t as valuable as those found smack dab in the middle of the body of the content.

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