Mesh Pool Fences – What They Are And How They Work


A mesh pool fence is a popular option for many homeowners when they are looking to ensure the safety of their family and their pets. It is an affordable, flexible fence that combines security with aesthetic value.

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It is also extremely easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. However, it is important to understand that there are a few components involved in making this type of fence work properly.

Choosing The Right Poles For Your Fence

A good removable mesh pool fence system features strong poles that are made from the strongest aluminum available today. These poles are then reinforced with a PVC center core. They are then topped with a vinyl coating which makes them mildew resistant and easy to clean.

Installation – What To Do Before You Begin

When you are installing a removable mesh pool fence on your home, it is very important to be exact in your measurements. This will keep the panels from coming loose and create a gap between the fence and the pool.

Measure Twice, Order And Drill Once – The key to installing a removable mesh pool fence is precision. This includes the correct measurements for the sleeves, posts and the poles.

Incorrect measurements could result in gaps between the fence and the pool or an uneven appearance when you walk along the fence. In addition, the holes for the sleeves and poles should be drilled at right angles to the pool deck.

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