NA Meetings Long Island


na meetings long island

Getting involved at NA meetings Long Island is easy, even for first-timers. There are literally hundreds of meetings located throughout New York City, and you can attend one that suits your schedule. Meetings are laid-back and informal, so you can enjoy yourself and listen to others. You can also participate by reading handouts or sharing about your experiences. Lastly, you can introduce yourself to other people, if you wish.

Here Are Some Things To Keep In Mind

There are two types of NA meetings: open and closed. Closed meetings are intended for people who are struggling with addiction, while open meetings are open to anyone who wishes to offer moral support. In closed meetings, people are asked not to share their experiences with the other participants, but open meetings allow family members and loved ones to listen to stories and learn from others.

NA meetings can be helpful for people who are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. Attending meetings can help you stay focused on recovery and give you a schedule. Attending meetings can feel like a routine, but it can also be a source of accountability. While NA meetings can help you build a supportive community, it is not a substitute for professional treatment.

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