South American Wildlife


South American Wildlife

From the snow covered Andes Mountains to the savannah-like wetlands of the Amazon Rainforest, this vast and diverse continent is home to a wealth of exotic animals. Many have adapted to the varied habitats of South America, for example jaguars that hunt both land and river prey have learned to swim. Those with a penchant for primates will find an abundance of monkeys, and birders are treated to mesmerizing displays by resplendent birds such as the legendary Bird of Paradise.

South American Wildlife Wonders: Biodiversity Beyond Imagination

With its wide open South American Wildlife and rainforest canopies, Ecuador is a birding paradise with over 3,000 species of birds, many endemic to the country. Its mountain ranges offer striking vistas and a chance to see the majestic Andean Condor, while its cloud forests host a bevy of colourful hummingbirds.

The flora of South America is equally stunning, with many of the region’s flowers being found nowhere else in the world. In particular, the flora of the Andes Mountains is particularly impressive with its array of stunning blooms.

South America has a number of large mammals and some of the planet’s most famous predators. These include the mighty Jaguar, which is well known for its hunting ‘stoop’ as it plunges to catch its prey, and the Capybara, an enormous cavy that is closely related to guinea pigs and rock cavies.

If you love reptiles, the tarantula is one of the most feared spiders in the world, while snakes, caimans and pink river dolphins can all be spotted in the Amazon Rainforest. In fact, if you are lucky enough to visit the Galapagos Islands then you could meet the endangered Galapagos tortoise.

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