The Best Indian Restaurant in Melbourne Area


Best Indian Restaurant Glen Waverley  based out of Melbourne Australia, which serves Indian and International cuisines. Over the years, the restaurant has seen many different chefs come and go, but has consistently kept a high standard, thanks to one very important person. Chef Nick Rigano has worked at the restaurant for over 15 years now and is responsible for every aspect of it. Starting as an assistant and going up the ladder to chef and eventually being named the head chef, it seems as though this is the path that he has always wanted to take.

The Ultimate Guide To Best Indian Restaurant Glen Waverley

In order to really appreciate the restaurant you need to know a little bit about the people running it. Chef Nick Rigano is originally from Melbourne but now lives in New York City, and it is because of this that he creates such fantastic Indian and International dishes. His friendly and outgoing attitude makes customers instantly feel welcomed, whilst his knowledge of ingredients and cooking techniques makes each meal a culinary masterpiece. Another reason why Nick is such a great Indian and international chef is because he loves creating new things with every dish that he makes, meaning that the restaurant constantly changes, always trying something new and different to entice new customers and keep old customers returning.

There are many great restaurants in Melbourne which serve Indian food, and for those people looking to try out Indian food in a new way, then there is no better place than Glen Waverley. The restaurant serves authentic and delicious Indian food in a plethora of different dining areas, which is something that not all restaurants do. The food is always made fresh, and the spices used are of the highest quality. As a result, the food can be a little on the expensive side, but for those who have been to a good Indian restaurant before, then they will probably know exactly what to expect. If you are planning on having lunch or dinner over a few days, then it might be worth looking into one of the restaurants in Glen Waverley, as it would be a real memorable experience for you.

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