Tower Lighting Hire – Factors to Consider


Whether it’s to help you see in a car park, on a construction site or in an outdoor event, tower lighting hire can provide visibility to ensure safety and productivity after dark. This essential piece of equipment is available to hire for both short and long-term periods, making it an affordable solution for a range of businesses. However, when selecting a tower light for your worksite, there are a number of important factors to consider.

What is the run time of a lighting tower?

One of the most important is illumination capacity, which is determined by the lamp configuration and mast height. Depending on the worksite’s requirements, it is also worth considering the maximum area that can be illuminated by the device. This information is usually detailed in the product specifications.

The power source is another important consideration. Those who choose to use diesel powered light towers need to look for a model that has a large fuel tank. This can guarantee a lengthy run time without the need for refueling, which reduces downtime and saves money.

LED lights are also a great option for construction sites, because they are more directional than metal halide models. When Googling “portable light towers for hire” or “lighting tower hire near me,” it is well worth searching for models with LED lamps.

If the frequency of use is high, purchasing a light tower may be more viable than renting, especially if there are repeat jobs that span six months or more. But for most, the decision to rent or purchase should be based on job logistics and a lean towards green energy.

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