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turkish rugs

Turkish rugs for sale | Biev have been used throughout the ages for their aesthetic value, bold colors, and entwined botanical designs. They have remained popular as a home accessory and as a regal decoration, even adorning the thrones of sultans and queens. Their natural dyes and geometric patterns reflect their rich aesthetic and cultural heritage. Here are some of the differences between antique and modern Turkish rugs.

The Durability Of Wool Rugs Also Makes Them A Popular Choice For Interior Decorating

Authentic Turkish rugs may be masterpieces, but they should be purchased only from merchants who know the history of their rugs. Typically, rugs made before the 1970s are considered masterpieces, and are the best option. Most new rugs don’t have such a story, and are made from synthetic materials or low-quality wool. Make sure to ask the merchant about the rugs’ origin, weaver, and date of production.

A Turkish rug is woven in the former Ottoman empire. Carpets made elsewhere may be counterfeit or inauthentic. Turkish rugs can range from flat-woven kilims to elaborate knotted rugs known as hali. Hali rugs often feature Ghiordes knots that impart a rich look to them. They also differ in design and style from region to region. Whether you’re looking for a classic or contemporary design, Turkish rugs are sure to impress.

Many Turkish rugs are made from wool, which provides many benefits. Wool rugs are naturally durable, pliable, and absorb colors well. A quality Turkish rug will not only last for years, but will also look beautiful for many years. The durability of wool rugs also makes them a popular choice for interior decorating. So, whether you’re looking for a traditional rug or a unique one that will complement your home decor, Turkish rugs are sure to impress.

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