What is a Construction Temporary Agency?


A construction temporary agency is an employment, or staffing, company that specializes in finding skilled and unskilled workers to meet specific labor needs for companies in the construction industry. Staffing agencies for construction are often able to provide a number of different services, including recruiting, screening and hiring workers; payroll management; and employment tax compliance and filings. Many staffing agencies also offer benefits administration.

Eu Workers agencies for construction can help companies to keep projects on schedule and within budget by quickly filling temporary labor shortages with dependable and qualified workers. Using temp employees can also prevent overburdening permanent workers, increasing job satisfaction and reducing the possibility of burnout or absenteeism.

Building Better Teams: The Impact of Temporary Agencies in Construction

The best temp agencies for construction will have a talent pool of pre-qualified candidates that have been through rigorous skills assessments, screenings and reference checks. They will have a database of skilled workers with experience in a range of positions, and a variety of skill sets. This gives them the flexibility to match workers to specific jobs, ensuring that the worker can do the job well.

In the case of a temp-to-perm position, a construction trades staffing agency will be responsible for the worker’s wages and employment taxes. The company will then make a decision to hire the worker or let them go at the end of the 90-day period.

When you partner with a temp agency, you can save countless hours of reading resumes, interviewing and checking references. They can find you a candidate with established experience and proven work ethic that is ready to start on short notice, helping you to avoid project delays.

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