What Is a Multi Use Games Area?


Multi Use Games Area

Multi Use Games Area is a dedicated area that allows multiple sports to be played to a consistent standard in one location. Often used for schools and community areas, the flexibility of these pitches is ideal for those who don’t have the space or budget to install dedicated facilities for each sport.

MUGAs: Where Sport, Play, and Community Converge for Fun and Fitness

A MUGA is an all-weather, fenced area with built in goal units and lines for different sports. Usually constructed from either an artificial grass, polymeric or macadam surface, MUGAs are hard-wearing and designed to cope with high levels of weekly usage.

Choosing the right surfacing for a MUGA is crucial, as each surface type has specific qualities that are better suited to certain sports. A grass MUGA is best for ‘pitch’ style sports such as football and hockey, while an artificial turf or sand dressed surface is more suited to court based activities like tennis and netball.

As well as providing a quality playing surface, our MUGAs come with noise reducing earth walls and fencing to prevent noise pollution and encourage supervised play. Whether in schools, parks or unmonitored public spaces, our MUGAs are suitable for all ages and provide an excellent way to promote healthy exercise in a safe environment.

As a leading supplier of sports surfacing and equipment, we work closely with local authorities to design, construct and maintain high-quality MUGAs that are fit for purpose. In order to help you find the right solution for your requirements, we have created a helpful Code of Practice which sets out useful design and build guidelines for the construction of a MUGA.

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