What Is NACE Inspection?


What Is NACE Inspection?

A NACE inspector has extensive qualified NACE training and experience in inspecting various coatings on structures, including pipelines, refineries, and water tanks. Other applications for a NACE inspector include military installations, natural gas plants, wastewater treatment facilities, and shipyard structures. They are trained to inspect both liquid and non-liquid coatings and all types of substrates. NACE inspectors are also trained to perform NACE inspections on underground structures, which can be particularly challenging to access and detect issues with.

The NACE inspection program is the most widely recognized certification for coatings professionals. It is dedicated to protecting the environment, improving public safety, and reducing the economic impact of corrosion. You can get a NACE certification by completing a level one course. There are also specialisations available. Certifications in corrosion-resistant alloys, carbon steel, and protective coatings can be earned through NACE. The NACE examination is the foundation of this profession.

NACE certified inspectors perform testing to ensure that coating systems are installed correctly and according to specification. NACE certified inspectors also use proven methods and statistical analyses to conduct NACE inspections. The inspection reports they produce will accurately reflect the actual performance of coating systems. Whether your company needs a coating inspection for a chemical tank or an entire process line, NACE inspections are an excellent option. If you are considering investing in a NACE inspection, contact a local NACE inspector.

Certifications in NACE Inspection are recognized as benchmarks for the performance of coating inspectors. These certifications come in three levels and are linked to each other. Certification in Level 1 is required for the next level. In addition, certifications in Level 2 are necessary for NACE inspection technicians. You can earn your certification in general coating inspection or in a special category, such as nuclear coating or bridge specialty. Certifications are reviewed by a peer-review panel, which means that the quality of the results is guaranteed.

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