What Is Public Liability Insurance?


Whether it’s a customer slipping and falling in your business premises or an employee accidentally damaging their property, public liability insurance helps to ensure that any claims are paid for and you don’t have to put your business in financial jeopardy. It’s a vital type of cover for businesses that come into contact with members of the public, and in some occupations like builders, plumbers, and electricians it’s even required by law before you can work on sites. More info:https://www.tradesmansaver.co.uk/public-liability-insurance/

Public liability insurance is not a legal requirement for businesses, but it’s often recommended and may be a requirement of certain contracts with councils and government agencies. It’s a low-cost alternative to other types of business insurance, such as comprehensive general liability. It’s important for anyone who regularly comes into contact with customers, clients or the general public, including musicians and entertainers who perform at venues. It also covers incidents that happen outside your physical location, such as while you’re visiting a client at their home or office.

Case Studies: When Public Liability Insurance Saved the Day

It’s important to understand what this policy does and doesn’t cover, and that it doesn’t replace employers’ liability insurance. While public liability is for bodily injury and damage to third parties, it doesn’t cover employees who are injured or made ill while working for you, so you still need employers’ liability insurance. It’s a good idea to get a quote from multiple insurers, as the cost of cover will depend on the type and size of business, and the level of protection you choose.

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